Ream & Danny

2014 Asia Indonesia Volcanoes

Mount Ijen – once in a lifetime

23. September 2018

We have never experienced anything like this before or after. Unique. Fascinating. Breathtaking – but the last one mainly because you really couldn’t breathe. But one thing…

2013 Africa Cities Morocco

Fez – a journey back in time

19. September 2018

Our time in Morocco came to an end, but one highlight was still waiting – with Fez we entered the secret Moroccan capital of education, religion…

2010 Ancient ruins Mexico North America

Oaxaca – our first love

17. September 2018

It was the first time that we flew across the pond together and got to know a completely different culture. For two weeks we would discover the…

2018 Travel thoughts

Six months on the road

16. September 2018

It starts in two weeks.

Since 2010, the way we approach travel has been similar: During our studies or our work, we were always exhausting our time. Sometimes four,…