Getting to know new places, cultures and people is our great passion. In this blog we would like to write about past, present or future journeys:

About places that took our breath away.

About routes that have changed.

About prejudices we could fight.

About encounters that stayed in our minds.

About moments that have changed us over the long term.

Travelling is so much nicer when you experience it together. When you know there’s someone who’s experiencing the same moments. Someone who still knows at home how the local food tasted or smelled the ruins..

And who also takes the time to live out this passion.

You don’t always get the opportunity to travel for months at a time. Meanwhile we have found out for ourselves that we can make a great and exciting trip compatible with everyday life. With a little planning and the right self-assessment you can discover the world bit by bit.

And you have to, because she has so much to offer. We all see only a small part of the horizon in which we live. A “glimpse of the horizon“.

Ream & Danny

Since 2010 we travel far away to discover a bit more of our great planet year after year. But we all only ever see a "glimpse of the horizon".