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2018 Ancient ruins Asia Cities Iran

Shiraz – Persia then and now

12. October 2018

Our last stop in Iran led us to the south. Shiraz is a big city surrounded by ancient Persian sites and home to some of Iran’s most…

2018 Asia Cities Desert Iran

Yazd – Labyrinth in the Desert

10. October 2018

The bus took us from Isfahan to Yazd. The city was founded in the middle of the desert at an oasis about 5,000 years ago. Its inner…

2018 Asia Cities Iran

Isfahan – Iran’s beautiful center

8. October 2018

In the geographical centre of Iran there is also its cultural centre. With Isfahan, we entered a city that takes noticeable care of its appearance. You hear…

2018 Asia Cities Iran

Kashan & Abyaneh – living Persian museums

5. October 2018

On the way from Tehran to Isfahan we wanted to get some more insights into the Persian culture and building arts. Therefore it was obvious that we…

2018 Asia Cities Iran

Tehran – Pomegranates and colourful bustle

3. October 2018

The capital of Iran presented itself in all its splendour: Tehran is lively, open-hearted and absolutely suitable as an oriental entry drug. The city itself seems incredibly…